7 on 7 State Tournament Day One Recap

7 on 7 State Tournament Day One Recap

The ONLY site out there who had up to the mminute updates, breaks down the first day of action from Texas A&M University!!!

COLLEGE STATION- The first ever 3A-Under State Tournament got underway and for the most part it was a resounding success as interest from the smaller schools was tremendous and there was a great turnout. Early on it appeared that upsets would be the name of the game as many of the smaller schools knocked off the big powers. However as bracket play started up depth started to take its toll and many of the small schools started to fall by the wayside. Class 1A Harper and Normangee are alive however, with Harper going unbeaten on the first day. The most impressive team in pool play appeared to be Diboll who dominated a very strong pool. The tournament was marred by a fight between Athens and Bridgeport at the end of their second game, the fight was quickly broken up and per the rules set forth by the State Board of Directors both teams were disqualified from the tournament and will not be allowed to play in any SQT's in 2008. The Round of 16 play will begin tomorrow morning at 8:30am for the final 16 teams.

Pool A Scores

Athens 27 Bandera 20

Bridgeport 20 Palacios 18

Athens 32 Bridgeport 27

Palacios 18 Bandera 14

Palacios wins forfeit over Athens

Bandera wins forfeit over Bridgeport

Pool B Scores

Crane 42 Glen Rose 35

Rockdale 33 Lindsay 26

Crane 35 Lindsay 20

Rockdale 35 Glen Rose 20

Rockdale 35 Crane 28

Glen Rose 48 Lindsay 21

Pool C Scores

Mabank 41 Gonzales 27

Melissa 26 West 14

Gonzales 30 Melissa 25

Mabank 55 West 48

Gonzales 36 West 25

Melissa 34 Mabank 27

Pool D Scores

Aransas Pass 39 Canton 38

Harper 39 Somerville 12

Harper 39 Aransas Pass 25

Canton 47 Somerville 6

Aransas Pass 45 Somerville 42

Harper 33 Canton 27

Pool E Scores

Diboll 27 Celina 20

Pleasanton 33 Marlin 12

Celina 27 Marlin 25

Diboll 33 Pleasanton 20

Pleasanton 39 Celina 35

Diboll 41 Marlin 13

Pool F Scores

Hitchcock 32 Elysian Fields 27

Normangee 28 New Waverley 26

New Waverly 14 Elysian Fields 13

Hitchcock 27 Normangee 25

Normangee 33 Elysian Fields 27

Hitchcock 35 New Waverly 27

Pool G Scores

LaVilla 50 Madisonville 49 OT

Pilot Point 41 West Orange-Stark 40

Pilot Point 40 LaVilla 26

West Orange-Stark 48 Madisonville 39

LaVilla 48 West Orange-Stark 42

Pilot Point 42 Madisonville 36

Pool H Scores

Hardin 20 Graham 18

Navasota 33 Sundown 13

Navasota 47 Graham 29

Hardin 26 Sundown 12

Graham 40 Sundown 0

Navasota 22 Hardin 20 OT

1st Round Bracket Play

Palacios 53 Marlin 30

Crane 41 New Waverly 7

West Orange-Stark 49 Gonzales 30

Harper 42 Sundown 0

Mabank 54 Madisonville 19

Canton 31 Hardin 20

Pleasanton, bye

Rockdale 20 Elysian Fields 14

Hitchcock 49 Lindsay 31

Celina 35 Bandera 20

Graham 41 Aransas Pass 36

Pilot Point 48 West 28

Navasota 34 Somerville 20

Melissa 39 LaVilla 32

Normangee 44 Glen Rose 41

Diboll, bye

Round of 16 Matchups

Game time 8:30am at Penberthy

Palacios vs. Crane

Matt's Pick: Crane

West Orange-Stark vs. Harper

Matt's Pick: West Orange-Stark

Mabank vs. Canton

Matt's Pick: Mabank

Pleasanton vs. Rockdale

Matt's Pick: Pleasanton

Hitchcock vs. Celina

Matt's Pick: Celina

Graham vs. Pilot Point

Matt's Pick: Pilot Point

Navasota vs. Melissa

Matt's Pick: Navasota

Normangee vs. Diboll

Matt's Pick: Diboll

Day One Observations

The Board of Directors has this State Tournament down to a science as things ran VERY smoothly. Kudos. The fight between Athens and Bridgeport and the subsequent DQ of both teams caused some confusion with the arranging of the brackets, but things did get squared away. Diboll was easily the most impressive team of the day but there were several other pleasant surprises led by Class 1A Harper who only brought 10 players to College Station yet they are still alive and kicking as they take on West Orange-Stark tomorrow morning. Crane, Normangee and Navasota have also been impressive. Easily the tournament's biggest disappointment was Marlin. The Bulldogs at times looked downright apathetic and seemed liked they were not very interested in competing. Celina and West Orange-Stark both got off to difficult starts but they may have found their legs as both teams advanced to the Round of 16. The top two comebacks of Day One go to Rockdale and Melissa. Rockdale fell down 28-6 to Crane, yet the Tigers battled back to win their final pool game 35-28. Melissa in the first round of bracket play looked dead in the water down 32-14 to LaVilla, but the Cardinals roared back for a 39-32 win.

Look for depth to begin to take its toll once again on Day 2 for the small schools. If any of the little guys are to spring upsets it may need to be early while it's still cool and the teams are fresh. Right now Diboll looks to be the odds on favorite to win it all but if I had to pick a darkhorse it might be Crane.

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